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Commoners of the New Forest are those people who occupy land or property to which attaches one or more rights over the Forest, first laid out in the Charter of the Forest (1217).


Commoners Rights:

  • Common of pasture: the right to turn out ‘commonable’ livestock: ponies, cattle, mules and donkeys to graze.

  • Common of mast – the right to turn out pigs during the 60 day autumn pannage season to forage for acorns and beech mast, which are poisonous to ponies and cattle.

  • Common of estovers – the free supply of wood for fuel.​

  • Common of marl – the right to dig lime-rich clay from marlpits to fertilise land or to use for building.

  • Common of turbary – the right to cut peat turves for fuel.

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The Commoners Bar & Kitchen is owned by local residents, Sean and Denise Perry and run by their two daughters, Thomasina and Jessica. Sean is is a practising Commoner who first moved to the Forest in the 1970s. He says his love for the area and wish to see its history and prestige built on had inspired the Commoners Bar & Kitchen. 


Sean says that he and his family are really trying to push the Forest and its ways as the New Forest is probably one of the best places on earth to live; it’s really, really important we keep it going and honour its past and this bar really does do that.

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“A new family run Brockenhurst wine bar celebrates the history of the New Forest and the ancient practice of Commoning, while featuring a modern design twist.” Read full article >>



“Fantastic menu and brilliant wine selection.
Staff very welcoming and great atmosphere.
Would highly recommend!” RS



“Fabulous place! Awesome art work and delicious wine!
Oh and shots!” LB

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